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China Glaze Chic Physique Collection for Spring

Beauty Tips, Fashion | March 27, 2018

China Glaze introduces the new Chic Phsysique Collection for Spring 2018 with 12 all new shades to workout with your spring wardrobe with breaking sweat. “Whether going from gym to work, yoga to brunch, or jogging to shopping, you want to look chic as you work on your physique,” China Glaze shared in a Facebook post, with the collection’s inspiration from athleisure style.

The 12 new nail lacquers in the China Glaze Chic Physique Collection include:

    • Glamletics: pretty pale turquoise
    • Low-Maintenance: casually cool blush hue
    • Pilates Please: easy-breezy peach
    • Were It Honey!: high-intensity canary
    • Pretty Fit: ambrosial orchid pink
    • Girl On The Glo: sparkling metallic taupe
    • Get It Right, Get It Bright: glistening periwinkle
    • Body Suit Yourself!: neon fuchsia
    • Barre Hopping: classic amethyst
    • At Your Athleisure: cornflower blue
    • Athlete Chic:  striking apricot
    • Activewear, Don’t Care: seriously teal green

“Chic Physique features a palette of compliment-worthy shades that will allow your athleisure style to look high-glam with low maintenance,” Facebook post says. You can check out the whole new Chic Physique Collection now at China Glaze, and it’s available to shop at Ulta and Sally Beauty.