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Burberry London Spring 2011 Lookbook

Christopher Bailey is one of the famous fashion designers, who always manages to present a completely new collection, differing from the previous ones, but still preserving some characteristic features, peculiar to the world-famous brand, Burberry Prorsum. Those who are familiar with the British brand will hardly pass by the new spring collection of Burberry Prorsum indifferently. This time Christopher Bailey flaunted the wild and edgy side of his vision about fashion, presenting a line of biker clothes, which look so cool in combination with classy fashion pieces.

The Burberry London spring 2011 lookbook focuses on elegance, glamour and femininity, presenting silhouettes-embracing dresses, stylish pants, English chic inspired trench coats, leather jackets, biker boots and other catchy details. Classic tailored fashion items are in the center of attention in the entire collection. It’s vividly noticed the influence of old time fashion, which is adapted and presented in a new, modern way.

Sophistication and elegance are the key terms of this cavalcade of stylish clothing pieces. The domination of creamy, soft colors and black, brown and sandy shades is felt from the very sight, which is harmoniously broken by accessories of vivid, bold hues. Those who strive to have a catchy look on special occasions can pick up one of the glam midi dresses of bright colors, which will express your sex-appeal and femininity to the maximum.
All in all, femininity, seductiveness and chic elegance are the best words to describe the entire collection. Christopher Bailey seems to really know the art of presenting a real feminine style in the best and unique way.

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