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BOTB Fall/Winter 2011 ‘Movers & Shakers’ Collection

Edginess with a youthful vibe isn’t necessary to find its interpretation through eye-popping shades with futuristic touches, and this is what the new BOTB fall/winter 2011 collection is trying to show. Getting inspired from the fast paced lifestyle, which is quite characteristic of our times, the lookbook takes the name “Movers & Shakers”. Take a look at the intriguing creations by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena from HELLZ and adopt a new super trendy, edgy style.

Taking versatile pieces that range from casual to daring elegant options, creative director Lanie Alabanza-Barcena created a really impressive debut collection for the new street-contemporary brand, BOTB. Seductiveness is one of the most important highlights of the fashion line, which becomes quite explicit due to the bra-leather combos. Graphic prints, checkered patterns, bold cut-outs, sheer details and a playful attitude towards proportions are some of the main ingredients making up the utterly intriguing and daring BOTB fall/winter 2011 Movers & Shakers collection.
No look can be complete without accessories, and BOTB knows this quite well too. The BOTB girl finishes off her looks with neutral toned accessories, thus making edgy pieces easier to pull off. There are gorgeous high heels and buckled platform boots in the collection, which literally ooze seductiveness and confidence.

The effortless chic vibe is emphasized in the beauty choices as well. The BOTB girl is characterized by natural waves or bump ponytails, which look quite in line with the bold colorful eye makeup styles and subtle lips. Let’s agree that the first collection from the newly founded BOTB label is quite promising, ensuring we’ll see lots of dazzling options in the future too.

Photo courtesy of BOTB