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Blumarine Spring 2012 – Milan Fashion Week

Metamorphosis was the theme Anna Molinari was guided by for creating her latest collection for Blumarine, and, true to her word, an entertaining evolution filled the runway at the Blumarine Spring 2012 presentation during Milan Fashion Week. Exuberance, bold color mixes, a great abundance of flashy prints and over the top combinations were the norm on the Blumarine catwalk, which together created a real celebration that stated spring’s arrival.

Femininity with a fun interpretation and inspiration from tropics were the style cues Blumarine used for its spring 2012 collection, which as if carried everyone present during the show on an adventurous trip to the tropics. Blumarine managed to create a sizzling energy on the runway with splashes of citrus orange, lime green, canary yellow, sky blue, fuchsia, pinks and dazzling floral prints. Resembling grass skirts of the pacific islands, the Blumarine models walked down the catwalk in metallic skirts embellished with big and daring floral prints.
The upcoming fashion trends seem to have been spiced up with a fresh vibe, a certain creative and energizing flair brought by the renowned fashion house. Ladylike glamour, edginess and sexiness are the main components of the Blumarine Spring 2012 collection, filled with attention-grabbing outfit ideas that will be hard to ignore.
Floral prints have already been revealed to be one of the hottest trends of spring/summer 2012, however the label tried to make things more catching and interesting by going for a certain touch of uniqueness. Shying away from the subtle, romantic and easily missed floral theme, Blumarine represented florals in bright hues and big motifs, which certainly own the look-at-me character. The same concept is preserved for the accessories as well, where the floral trend is used for texture rather than color.
Cropped tops and deep V necklines, colorful statement rings perfectly in tone with the outfits, handbags mimicking the texture of grass, metallic accents and occasional sheer details are the style trends brought by Blumarine for the upcoming warm season. From day outfits to more elegant evening options, all the clothes featured in the Blumarine spring 2012 collection ooze sexiness and uniqueness.
The Blumarine spring 2012 show brought all smiles and those 3D floral prints seemed to be itching. No wonder the collection was a success!

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