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Applemints ‘Back to Nature’ Winter 2011-2012 Collection

Applemints 'Back to Nature' Winter 2011-2012 Collection

Who said that casual and conservative attire is synonymous with boredom and monotony, which states lack of creativity and style? The Applemints fashion label has always proven the opposite, constantly presenting fun, cheerful and youthful style interpretations that instantly make you forget about the fashion view you had on casual clothing. One of such creative collections coming from the label is the Applemints ‘Back to Nature’ winter 2011-2012 collection, full of stunning nature-inspired looks. With such a beautiful theme, the line restricts the color palette without limiting the mix and matching possibilities, so take a look and draw inspiration for your cold season look.

So utterly casual and cozy, bus also feminine and easy-to-wear, the Applemints ‘Back to Nature’ winter 2011-2012 collection features a beautiful blend of modern, vintage and masculine flairs that come together, forming a harmonious union, without being overly dominant. Instead of boosting interest through head-turning prints, the brand goes for creative logos and band tees, not forgetting about the romantic floral prints, which come quiet discreet, perfectly fitting that conservative vibe.
Loose T-shirts, stylish leggings, stockings, comfy blouses with subtle ruffles, rolled-up pants and straight cut jeans are some of the noteworthy ensembles featured in the Back to Nature winter 2011-2012 collection by Applemints. The dominating neutral color palette and the great multitude of mixing and matching possibilities come to be a nice addition to all those “pluses” of the line.

One of the most interesting and exciting trends of the 2011, the sandals and socks combo seems to have strongly influenced Applemints for creating its winter collection. This fairly trendy combo is used both in casual and more feminine looks. The importance of comfort is highlighted in the collection through Converse sneakers, while the fashion-functionality gets revitalized with the help of those comfortable wedges.
So if you are one of those fashionistas, who put comfort and functionality on top of their styling without forgetting about the hottest trends of the season, you certainly can find the Applemints Back to Nature winter 2011-2012 collection a perfect source of inspiration for updating your cold season wardrobe according to the latest tendencies.

Photo courtesy of Applemints