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Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 – Paris Fashion Week

No wonder, the world of fashion is full of surprises, it makes even the most unexpected and sometimes even craziest ideas of fashion designers come true. And when we say unbelievable and crazy style interpretations, we can’t but immediately recall the luxurious fashion house, Alexander McQueen. Dark elegance was the concept at the Alexander McQueen spring 2012 show, unveiled during Paris Fashion Week. It seems like Sarah Burton, the creative director for the legendary brand, upgraded her airy and light fashion approach into something darker and more dramatic. Couture-like elegance with a certain dramatic, yet romantic touch, impressive architectural designs that never can be ignored and mesmerizing hues are some the attributes of the latest Alexander McQueen spring 2012 collection, which once again attracted loads of attention from fashion critics.

Romance and cutting-edge sophistication seem to have guided designer Sarah Burton for creating such inspirational and breathtaking attire options for the upcoming spring/summer season. The Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2012 collection reminded fashion critics of the well-known creative spirit and surreal allure that has always defined the legendary fashion house. “This is a collection about excess,” warned Sarah Burton before the show. “It’s an exploration of ideals of beauty at their most extreme. We go to such lengths to adorn ourselves that we almost become our clothes or are taken over by them.”
As for the source of inspiration, the designer declared: “It’s all about femininity and womanhood. It’s about embellishment and celebrating women’s beauty.”
Carefully structured down to the smallest details, alluring embellishments and a great focus on a very particular type of silhouette defined every and each single item in the collection and coated it up with a strong fetishistic touch, even though the designer had strongly excluded this concept from her new line. A great influence from the sea can be clearly depicted in some of the designs presents, while complex creations, where lace, chiffon and silk ensembles have been used, vividly demonstrate such opposing vibes, as classicism and modernism.
Creating a marriage between a fairytale princess and a bondage vixen, the McQueen woman goes for dramatic shapes and embellishments, choosing such hues as gold, blush, lilac, coral, apricot, black and ivory. Soft ruffles, lacy details and chiffon completed the impressive looks, making them really memorable and easily recognizable. A real reflection of refinement, the Alexander McQueen spring 2012 collection will undoubtedly be included in the long list of the most unbelievable and exclusive collections from the brand.

Photo courtesy of WWD