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Kourtney Kardashian’s Mom Wants Her Married

Finally Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian’s Mom has expressed her desire to see her daughter married with her boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourtney was in a relationship with Scott for quite a long time, and has got a baby boy with him, the 15 month old Mason. When she learnt about her pregnancy, which was shown through the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, she was definitely shocked, however both she and her boyfriend were all smiles to welcome this baby boy into the world. Even after the birth of the child the couple didn’t hurry to tie the knot and went on leading their modern life, which however seems not to please Kourtney’s mom that much. Kris wants her daughter to have an official family now, but what steps will Kourtney and Scott take, nobody knows.

Kris Jenner expressed about this desire of her at Kim’s Midori Melon Liquer trunk show in West Hollywood, when she was speaking to the people from E!. She stated: “I would love for them to get married!”“I mean, they have a baby and it’s time to make that, you know, a full-on legitimate family.”
She even admitted that she not only wants Kourtney to get married, but she also want more grandchildren: “They’re being a little stingy with the grandchildren, I need some more!”
This doesn’t mean that Kris wants only Kourtney and Scott to have more children, but she also constantly keeps on asking Khloe if she isn’t finally going to have a baby with Lamar. Khloe even revealed that her mom has given her advice on how to increase her fertility.
What do you think about this “a little bit strange” family? Will Kourtney get married and Khloe have a baby?

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