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Stomach Slimming Style Tips

Stomach Slimming Style Tips

Following the latest fashion trends is not enough for a fabulous look. You may choose a quite modest, plain piece of clothing, but it may look just marvelous, indicating the best features of your body and concealing all the shortcomings, if there are some. As we take a closer look at our favorite celebrities, we’ll […]

Girly Tattoo Designs

Girly Tattoo Designs

Along time body art has become very popular among men, as well as women, coming in different forms and designs. One can easily judge you by your tattoo, as tattoos mainly convey some meaning in them, revealing your personality, interests and preferences. Thanks to the new, developed techniques and high quality inks used, nowadays we […]

Easy Preppy Updo Hairstyles

Easy Preppy Updo Hairstyles

One of the key factors of feeling confident in your appearance is to have a super flattering hairstyle indeed. Are you lacking time for your hair because of too busy weekdays? No need to panic. Learn the easy preppy updo hairstyle ideas, presented bellow, work out your creativeness and bring out the most of your […]

2011 Stylish Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Hair by Ishoka

A stunning look is the harmonious combination of trendy outfits, stylish hairstyles, and flawless makeup. If you are a great fashionizer and always want to be in shape, the most important thing for you is to take care about these three things, which can transform you from a simple housekeeper to a queen and vice […]

Choose The Best Jeans Suiting Your Body Shapes


Jeans are the most comfortable casual clothes that the majority of women are in love with. It is especially the best solution, when you are reluctant to wear elegant or formal clothing: you just put on a pair of jeans with a stylish T-shirt and that’s it.

Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Ideas

Minka Kelly

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important and special days for the sweethearts. Everybody strives to look the best, paying a great attention even to the slightest details. This especially refers to women, who never spare an effort to look gorgeous, glamorous and stylish. Everything should be perfect on this bright day starting from […]

Trendy Layered Hairstyles 2011

bonomini hair

Are you ready to bring some freshness into your look and get rid of your monotonous hairstyle, which is already boring you? Make some experiments with your hair and bring your locks into life. Choose the right length and texture matching your face shape, follow the recent hairstyle trends and do miracles with your style […]

Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

One of the sweetest, cutest, most romantic and memorable days of the year is February 14th, which is much better known as the Valentine’s Day. Exactly on this special day all sweethearts do their best to please their beloved ones and spend a special romantic day together. Couples begin to search unique gifts weeks before […]

2011 Spring/Summer Trend of Ponytail and Braids


What do you usually do with your hair early in the morning, if you have completely no time for the latest hair styles? The easiest and the most time consuming way is the ponytail. Lately two of the easiest hair styles – the ponytail and braids, are a trend in fashion again. Ponytails and braids, […]

Design Your Dream Shoes Yourself!


Shoes are one of the most important attributes that every single woman pays a great attention to. Every woman strives to select the right, best and most perfect shoes to complete the glamorous outfit of her own. Nowadays there is a great variety of dressy shoes, casual shoes, flats and sporty ones of all designs […]