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Best Foundation for Different Skin Types

Best Foundation for Different Skin Types

Every woman dreams of a healthy-looking, perfect skin. Still every day you face lots of obstacles, such as stress, an unbalanced diet, smoking, incorrect beauty care routine or health problems, which are all reflected on your skin in an irritating way. You should know every single “character” of your skin type, what is good and […]

Useful Tips for Healthy Hair

Useful Tips for Healthy Hair

Trendy clothes, a stylish hairstyle and a flawless makeup are not yet enough to make your appearance stunning. You may lack all the above mentioned, but have quite neat and healthy hair, a good facial skin and you will shine undoubtedly with your beauty. Your hair can do a magic, completely transforming your physical appearance. […]

What Causes Acne in Certain Areas?

What Causes Acne in Certain Areas?

A healthy and flawless skin is one of the most important factors of having a stunning look. The zits, spotted on your facial skin, talk much about your health condition and skin care routine. Why does acne appear in certain areas? What shall we do to restore the spotless condition of our skin? These are […]

Spring Skin Care Tips

Skin Care

Flowered spring has arrived, which is a good reason to deeply change our routines. Preparing our skin for the new season is one of the most essential things, as seasonal changes may cause different skin problems. Though, very subtle, a few skin care tips can make great changes in the way our skin looks and […]

How To Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly

How To Apply Eyeliner

Eye makeup is one of the trickiest things, if you want to basically change your eye shapes, creating your desired look. This especially refers to eyeliner, which can make even the smallest eyes look larger. To achieve your desired effect, you should first know a lot about your eye shape and the right way of […]

Tips for a Matte Makeup

Matte Makeup

Matte makeup is the best rectifier to oily skin, which is a great problem for many women. Those who have oily skin, always try different makeup tips to conceal this and to keep their makeup fresh and in shape for at least several hours, after which some have to even refresh the makeup once again. […]