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Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Getting the newest makeup products and knowing the recent makeup trends isn’t enough yet for creating a gorgeous makeup look that will state all professionalism and perfection. A little hint from professional makeup artists can definitely make a great difference, so get ready to update your beauty skills now, as one of the world-known MUA, Francois Nars is here to give some makeup advice for polishing your party and casual chic beauty looks to perfection. Don’t shy away from the recent makeup techniques on applying the foundation base and more complex cosmetic formulas, as it’s no longer an unsolvable question for you. Take a look at the pro makeup tips from makeup guru Francois Nars, and get ready to make up like a real professional now!

Do you like experimenting with new makeup trends and designs? The precious pro makeup tips from Francois Nars will help you look up-to-date with catwalk and red carpet inspired looks regardless of the event and time. Throw away all those worn-out brushes and low quality products, get some of the latest products coming from your favorite beauty brands and follow the best tutorials, presented by Francois Nars.

Foundation Tip

Choosing the most flattering foundation for you is the first and most important step in achieving a magical makeup look. Natural light is essential, however the shade of the foundation should also match the color of the base of the neck. Apply the foundation to your face and neck with your fingers to ensure an even spreading. For more coverage, go for a matte foundation, and if you want to get that healthy and fresh glow, choose a glow foundation.

Eye Makeup Tip

To get those perfect eyes, make sure to apply an eye pencil, defining the ideal shape of your eyes. Apply it to the waterline and use a brush to smudge the sharp line and create a more sophisticated effect. For a catchy look, it’s essential to use a different, yet matching shade to emphasize the inner corner of your brow bone and eyes. For you to know, brown and bronze shades compliment to every eye color and skin tone. Finally to create the perfect blend of various eye shadows, make sure to use loose powder.

Blush Tip

Francois Nars is a great fan of natural looking makeup looks. For getting that natural flush, he uses only cream blush formulas. The application of this formula is extremely easy. Just follow a rectangular direction to blend the blush into your natural skin tone. For a more girly look, you can apply the most matching hue around the hairline, on the tip of your nose, the cheeks, as well as the jaw line and the temples.

Lip Color Tip

Francois Nars highly recommends to use a lip-liner in order to highlight the perfect shape of your lips. Go for the lip makeup that flatters you the most and makes you feel super confident. If you want to soften the maximum impact of red and dark lips, apply a light shade of gloss, this way playing up with your ladylike sex-appeal.

Makeup Brush Tip

The most important makeup tip from Francois Nars is to use only densely packed brushes. This ensures the perfect application of powder and other cosmetic formulas. The makeup artist also claims that “you might be able to get away with cheap makeup but never with cheap brushes.”
Make sure to follow the pro makeup tips from Francois Nars, and you are sure to shine on any occasion and any time.

Image courtesy of Getty Images, Francois Nars