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Trendy Hats for Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Hats are common accessories in the cold season, but besides keeping you warm and cozy, they can also enhance your outfits and add some chic touch to your overall look. Hats dominate in most of the collections this year, making it a great trend both for men and women. So if you are a real hat lover, take a look at the list of the trendiest hats for fall/winter 2011/2012 and pick up the design that suits your personality and style at the best.

Wide brim hats: Wide brim hats along with dubbed Amish hats are very trendy both for men and women this year. They come to spice up your boho chic or retro style outfits, boosting your look sky high. This type of hats can perfectly go with flared pants, loose blouses with bow-tie necks, and 70′s-inspired double-breasted jackets. There are also vintage inspired wide brims that can perfectly accomplish your pencil skirts, fur and high boots. Men are advised to wear wide brim hats with tailored suits and ‘30s style gangster coats, but also with velvet jackets and casual outfits, creating a fantastic contrast with them.

Gucci                                                                                                      Salvatore Ferragamo

Fedora hats: Fedora hats are perhaps the most versatile accessories that almost anyone can wear with almost any outfit. They look utterly chic, adding an elegant and glamorous touch to your look or injecting some flirty vibe into your outfits. There are so many styles and designs, fabrics and finishes available for you to pick up the most matchy one with your clothing. For men there are wide brim Fedora hats that can harmoniously go with suits and more casual outfits. Women can sport Fedora hats with masculine-inspired clothes, like tuxedos.

Christian Dior                                                                                                                         DSquared2

Vintage hats: With the ‘60s style being very trendy for fall/winter 2011/2012, pill box hats have made a huge comeback. These attractive, tiny hats come in various shades and prints and can be easily pulled off with 60′s-inspired pieces. Cloche hats so popular in 1920′s can be worn with fur and evening clothes. Though less popular than wide brims and Fedora hats, vintage inspired ones can add a unique and interesting touch to your overall outfits.
Whether you are more into vintage style or modern looks, there is certainly a matchy style for you, so just make your selection.

Marc Jacobs                                                                                                               Ralph Lauren 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images