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The Belt Purse – New 2011 Accessories Trend

In 2011 we can notice lots of old fashion trends, which have made a huge comeback, appearing in a modern manner. Among the hottest comebacks is the accessories trend of belt purses, which used to be very popular during 80’s. This is a brilliant investment in fashion, as besides looking very stylish and original, the belt purses are also able to carry with you all your necessary belongings. Discover the comfort and beauty of the trendy bags and check out if it corresponds to your style demands.

Among the must have accessories in 2011 are the belts. And here comes the belt purse, which, in fact, is a 2 in 1 product, serving both as a belt and a bag. We can see numerous designs, colors and styles of the belt purses, from hippie to modern ones, from multi-toned to monochrome ones, which lets you find a perfect match with your clothing. You can wear belt purses with different apparel, such as dresses, shorts, skirts and pants, highlighting your extraordinary style and individuality.

The perfect and neutral belt purse is perhaps the one made of leather, as leather always looks practical and elegant, and can be combined with various textures of your apparel. You can wear a belt purse either alone or with another belt as well. Wear it either higher on the waist or lower on your hips. Don’t hesitate to try on these new stylish accessories at least once and check if it matches your standards.

Photos ©  Elle