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Stylish Hat Trends 2011

Getting ready for the blooming season is an important task for fashionizers, and those who want to look absolutely stunning should pay no less attention to their new accessories, which are able to keep their look personalized and ideal for the warm season. Add some special touch to your look with the help of trendy hats and kiss good-bye to the icy season and its gloomy accessories. Study the parade of stylish hat trends for 2011, presented below and choose the one, indicating your great taste in fashion and style.

Wide-Brim Hats
One of the trendiest hat styles is wide-brim hats, which are ideal in combination with romantic and breezy apparel. Wide-brim hats are able to add a dramatic and classic touch to your overall elegant look. Skim through the extremely wide selection of wide-brim hats and pick up the right style to sport a special, classy look.

Trilby Style Hats
Another trendy style of hats for 2011 is trilby style hats, which are simply irresistible, fusing the elegant old time style trends with masculine and urban chic allure. Show your bold side with the help of a trilby style hat, enhancing your appearance with a tint of grown-up elegance. It’s not obligatory to go for neutral shades; you can make your selection among trilby style hats of vivid, bright colors. Pay a special attention to the materials used and the small, yet catchy details, such as feathers, floral patterns or just some abstract details.

Other Stylish Hat Styles
Show off your youthful side with the help of a school cap, a trip hat or a bowel hat. Experiment with many other designs and don’t forget about sporting your midi or long locks, which will look so cute and sweet with your stylish hat. Play with various hat styles and come up with versatile outfit ideas.

Photos ©  Asos