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Sfera Spring/Summer 2011 Accessories

Accessories are a must in every fashionizer’s wardrobe and if well-chosen, they are able to transform even the dullest outfit into a spectacular and shiny one. Even though many will underestimate the importance of accessories, they are the best small fashion details, which spice up your overall appearance with a unique flavor. It’s high time to understand the role of accessories and bring a special vibe into your look with their help. Once you take a closer look at the Sfera spring/summer 2011 accessories collection, you’ll definitely feel the summer breath and how close it is now. This is one of the collections that just scream optimism, coming in a wide selection of cute handbags, chic sandals, hats, belts, bracelets, dazzling color and print combinations, suitable for any occasion and taste. Set yourself free in the world of colorful and versatile accessories, offered by Sfera and appreciate their essence.

Sfera spring/summer 2011 collection is so versatile, that it’ll be impossible not to find something matchy to your preferences, lifestyle and silhouettes. It’s time to have fun with Sfera, and the sea of floral and animal prints, it brings up.
As we already know, flower power is mighty again. Flowers are so sweet, cute and bewitching, that we just cannot help feeling charmed by the huge parade of floral prints, represented in Sfera accessories. You can find fashionable hats, sandals, high heels and scarves with numerous floral prints, which go so well with the classic navy blue shades.

If you want to create a bohemian look, you’ll see that isn’t that easy task, as it requires certain attitude, which are better expressed through a woman’s personality and clothing style. For fashionizers, who just feel this style and live with this style, the Sfera spring/summer 2011 collection features lots of earthy tones and ethnic textures. Whether you want to achieve a hippie look or a boho-chic style, you’ll find appropriate accessories, such as platform sandals, leather belts, bangles, necklaces, colorful scarves, crochet handbags and other vintage-inspired pieces.

On the other hand, if you are a more elegant fashionizer, who loves to indicate the glamorous, classy, chic and refined sides of her nature, you’ll definitely like the more sophisticated part of the collection, where the dominant color is black. Trends may come and go, but black will always remain as a reined, extremely stylish and eye-catching color. A pair of black high heels teamed with golden accessories will definitely turn the heads.
Another vividly expressed trend in the Sfera spring/summer 2011 collection is the cute stripes, coming in red, navy blue, white and black colors. And the dizzy high heels and fedora hats will be of special interest in hot summer days, matched elegantly with a stylish handbag.

Photos ©  Sfera