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God Save McQueen Scarves

The place where fashion dignity embraces creativeness and edgy attitude definitely leads to Alexander McQueen’s signature. We are already familiar with skulls, the trademark of Alexander McQueen, which are real dramatic fascinations originated from the netherworld. Skulls make the major patterns of the latest Alexander McQueen scarves collection too, designed by the creative director of the brand, Sarah Burton. Sarah tries to preserve the unique stamp of skulls as her great predecessor, adding a little amount of softness and femininity, never seen in Lee McQueen’s collections. Take a closer peek at the iconic accessories in the God Save McQueen Scarves Summer 2011 collection and you’ll no longer lack creativeness in terms of great color schemes and impressive designs.

No wonder scarves have always served as the best fashion accessories to indicate your lady-like allure, sophistication and elegance. This especially refers to unique scarves with extraordinary prints and interesting color schemes. Such kind of scarves can be found in the latest Alexander McQueen Scarves Summer 2011 collection, entitled with a patriotic expression “God Save McQueen“. Sarah Burton once again showed her impudent character in terms of creativeness and fashion taste. She brings impressive images of skulls, Union Jacks and blurred images in a very sensual way, grasping the meaning of strong Brit-punk statements. As a result she got fantastic stylish scarves, which convey no hint of death or any other scary meanings, despite the general theme of the collection. Instead they appear to be perfect fashion pieces, appealing to the followers of rebellious yet chic femininity.

If you really appreciate unique and enchanting looks, if you don’t want to blend with the plain crowd, hurry up to get one of the breathtaking, extraordinary and stunning pieces in the limited edition of God Save McQueen scarves.


Photo Courtesy of Alexander McQueen