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Etro Spring/Summer 2011 Handbags

A carefully chosen handbag can do miracles, adding a certain vibe to your outfit and making you stand out in the crowd. Almost all fashionizers adore exploring the new, amazing collections of our favorite famous fashion designers, and in this respect it’ll be a double pleasure to study the new line of gorgeous handbags offered by Etro. The spring/summer 2011 Etro handbag collection presents a myriad of spectacular designs, dazzling prints, adorable combinations of textures and vivid colors, together making up true masterpieces of handbags, revealing the hottest trends of the season. Etro managed to create one of a kind handbag collection, which can delight both those looking for something original to spice up their outfit and for those, who are interested not only in versatile and classic, but also practical and refined handbags.


Taking a single glimpse at the collection, you are sure to get dizzy at the great combinations of complex prints and patterns. Of special interest are the handbags with tribal prints. Those who are keener on classic and modest style can choose the handbags of white and black colors, with moderate designs and prints. And fashionizers, who want to show off their flirty and bright side in fashion, can make their selection among the great array of eye-catching and versatile designs.
You can find various types of handbags suitable for any occasion and demands, such as satchels, clutches, tote handbags, shoulder handbags, unique envelope handbags, more classy and elegant ones, and just cheerful and youthful ones. Pay a special attention to the color combinations, matching your handbag perfectly with your apparel. All in all, Etro spring/summer 2011 handbags are certainly surprising and adorable in all perspectives.

Photos ©  iwantigot.geekigirl