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D&G Spring 2012 Shoes

D&G Spring 2012 Shoes

The last collection of the D&G label designed for the upcoming warm season was certainly memorable and it closed the doors of D&G in an impressive and beautiful way. Although we all feel sad that the Italian brand, which is actually the more youthful side of luxurious Dolce & Gabbana, will no longer produce its exquisite and super-stylish goodies, we immediately forget about this sad factor, once we take a look at the ultra-colorful, unique and simply incredible D&G spring 2012 shoes. With so many vivid colors, funky motifs and a modern approach, the D&G spring 2012 shoes are a great start if you are on the hunt for eclectic accessories. Take a look and brighten up your new season styling!

Scarf prints practically define the fabulous accessory collection coming from D&G for spring/summer 2012. Like the clothing pieces presented during the D&G spring 2012 fashion show, the accessories presented too are far from being modest and plain. Bold colors, eclectic details and a modern gypsy vibe define every single design featured in the D&G spring 2012 shoe collection. Colorful stripes, beautiful floral prints, polka dots, gold coin symbols and a myriad of other eye-catching embellishments turn the designs into real statement accessories that grab the attention at once. As for the preferred shoe style, there are mainly high wedges, but also flats and platform heels.
The youthful feel of the D&G brand is more than evident throughout the entire D&G spring/summer 2012 shoe collection, which is best revealed thanks to the relaxed approach, playful patterns and textures. Although not so striking in the structural area, the peep toe wedges are undoubtedly impressive and show-stopping.

Amidst so many fun, varied patterns, the textual details are kept at the minimum. Golden buckles come to spice things up with a gypsy allure, while bright tones, like red, orange, bold yellow, deep blue, beige, pink, green and purple skillfully blend with each other, ensuring the eye-popping factor of every design. Paisley prints come to inject an extra touch of uniqueness into the shoes, making them easily recognizable and memorable.
To sum it up, we can say for sure that the D&G spring 2012 shoes are for all those bold, creative and confident fashionizers, who always stand out with their extraordinary fashion vision.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana