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Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewelry

Classy, refined jewelry is among the must have accessories for every woman both for everyday outfits and on special occasions. A carefully chosen piece of jewelry can do magic with your appearance, transferring your look from a simple and ordinary to an eye-catching and glammy one. However, these fabulous accessories may be quite costy, especially if you want to have every type and design to match with all your outfits. Anyways, this isn’t a problem with the famous brand Alex Perry, who has again started its collaboration with Diva, presenting a new line of jewelry, both stylish and with an affordable price range. Take a look at the Alex Perry for Diva spring/summer 2011 jewelry collection and pick up yours from a rich array of shining accessories.

The beautiful model Elyse Taylor is the new face of the Alex Perry Diva High Summer 2011 collection, demonstrating fine jewelry going with her amazingly sophisticated, feminine and classy outfits. The entire advertising campaign is characterized by pastel hues, romantic lace, embroidery, floral touches and sweet details, all indicating femininity and delicacy. They paid attention to every single detail during the photo shoot, such as the hairstyles, makeup, and background to fully embody the idea of ladylike elegance.
The collection is even more surprising, appealing to almost every age and taste, consisting of such cute details as pearls, flowers, feather, gold details and much more. Most of the jewelry pieces have been spotted on the famous runaways, thus becoming a fashion statement for 2011.

There are so many pieces, inspired from various sources, that selecting among them is just a matter of taste and preferences. There will be hardly anyone not to love the chandelier earrings, heavy bracelets, layered necklaces, cross pendants and bangles. And the most pleasing factor is that almost all of them fall within the $20 range, appealing even to the most frugal minded fashionizers. Don’t lose your chance to adopt several pieces of radiant jewelry from the Alex Perry Diva High Summer 2011 jewelry collection and define your inner femininity and glamour.

Photos ©  Sassisamblog